Thanks for coming in Aroma.Ya.Sora ! and Happy Wedding !!!


Yesterday, our first foriegn clients came in Aroma.Ya.Sora from the UK.

They were a very beautiful couple with gentle hearts and great smiles. I want to express thanks for trusting us even though it was there first time in Japan.

They got an Aroma therapy with Reiki healing treatment by us.

Both came in with the intention of relaxing however, each had their own specific issue that they wanted to get treatment for. Jenny had a very bad sunburn and Roland had muscle tightness in his chest from sleeping

on a futon for the first time.

As you know, there is a big difference between London and Ishigaki Island's weather and also between how people sleep. (While they were in Japan they chose to sleep on a Futon)

So Jenny got very sunburned on her whole back because of Ishigaki's sunshine. The color was bright red and she felt sore on her whole back area.

She was of a fair complexion so her melanin level is much lower than of the local people in Ishigaki. Furthermore, Ishigaki's Ultraviolet rays are five times stronger than London's. Usually people are surprised by how strong the sun's rays are because of their lack of experience.

First, I placed a lavender lotion pack on her whole back while I did treatment on her legs to decrease the inflammation…. then I returned to her back and performed a gentle relaxation treatment.

Lavender decreases inflammation caused by sunburn and also can be deeply relaxing for both body and mind.

She seemed deeply relaxed because of how slowly she was breathing and how she eventually fell asleep during the session.

Sayuri did a treatment on Roland. During the consultation, he actually expressed interest in Japanese style rooms but felt a little bit unconfortable while sleeping in one.

His muscles were tight especially on the chest area. So Sayuri did treatment to open his chest with Marjoram Sweet Oil while using palm pressure which he requested.

Also she focused on his other tight areas especially his feet.

Marjoram Sweet Oil has the power to soften the muscles by increasing blood flow.

He couldn't wake up even though we had finished the treatment, meaning the oil had taken full affect and was able to fully relax.

They told us that they enjoyed having the treatment and felt very relaxed and wonderful….

We are fortunate that they found our leaflet in a cafe in Ishigaki Island. It was mostly written in Japanese but there was a little bit of English so they checked our website…and contacted us by email.

Recently, I and Sayuri have tried writting in English on our website with the help of a native English speaker.

We would love to say thank you so much for helping us…

First, Sayuri's Partner's Chris…! He has been very patient when helping us ! Even though he can't speak Japanese he is very understanding of Aroma.Ya.Sora's mission. He has corrected our English to appropriate English relevant to Aroma.Ya.Sora.

Then there's my client Marina who lives in Ishigaki Island. She can speak Japanese and she has gotten my treatment regularly. So she has taught me about English grammer and how to write correctly. Also, she has given me back a testimonial in English.

My Australian Client and my great friend Chirs ! He and I have been good friends for a long time but sometimes I do treatment on him so he has given me back a testimonial in English.

What's more my Australian client and one of my most beautiful friends Kaoru! She has been suffering from lower back pain and issues so sometimes I do treatment on her to recover her whole body. She has also given me back a testimonial in English for my website.

Testimonial URL:

Thanks to you we can welcome guests from other countries from now on… It's is very valuable enjoyable for us.

All of this help and support really makes us appreciate how the Universe works and how everything has fallen into place so far. It is a really amazing power …

Everyone! Welcome to Ishigaki Island and to Aroma.Ya.Sora!!!
Thank you.